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Delivery Area, East 66th Street to East 96th Street
5th Avenue to East End $15 minimum We accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express
(212) 249-5009
*indicates items available after 5pm only


Soup du Jour 7

Black-eyed Pea Cake 10

crispy cake of Yukon gold potatoes

and black-eyed peas with chipotle aioli

Flautas 11

corn tortillas filled with sweet potato, black beans, corn, onion, and garlic, with guacamole and sour cream

Seitan Schnitzel 12

breaded seitan medallions, potato salad,

crisp cheddar served with a blueberry reduction

Lentil Rings 10

French lentils and root vegetables in a phyllo crust with a pistachio mustard

*Seitan Empanadas 11

with traditional Mexican guacamole

*Eggplant Parmigiano 11

layers of baked eggplant and cheese topped with parsnip strips in a cashew cream

*Cape Cod Cakes 11

blend of hiziki seaweed, tofu, herbs and spiceswith

tartar sauce

*Roasted Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Gnocchi 13

served in a sage cashew cream, sauteed kaleand golden beets

*Mushroom Calamari Fra Diavlo 11

herbed mushroom rings served with house made spiced cocktail sauce


Caesar Salad 11/15

crisp romaine, gomashio, toasted capers,

soy chicken and herbed croutons

Beet Salad 12/16

yellow and red beets, French and wax beans,

red onion, tofu in a red and white vinaigrette

*Waldorf 11/15

crisp romaine, apples, raisins, walnuts, celery, creamy lime dressing

*Wilted Spinach Salad 11/15

spinach, shiitake, roasted corn, cashews,

soy bacon crumble in a balsamic vinaigrette

*Curried Unchicken Salad 12/16

grilled soy chicken, crisp romaine lettuce, celery, sliced apple, roasted potatoes, grilled onions, toasted macadamia nuts in a curry veganaise

South of the Border 10/14

fresh mesclun, bell peppers, avocado, black beans, corn, quinoa in a roasted poblano vinaigrette


(choice of fresh cut fries,

sweet potato fries or field greens)

Soy Bacon Cheeseburger 14

caramelized onions, vegan cheese, soy bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli

Vegetable Market Quesadillas 13

grilled spinach, zucchini, eggplant, mozzarella, and red pepper, with a smoked eggplant spread

BLT 14

crispy southern fried tofu, tempeh bacon,

lettuce, tomato

Seitan Quarter Pounder 14

house-made seitan burger with pickles, tomatoes, onions, cheeseand V-Note’s special sauce

Southern Seitan Sandwich 14

spiced crispy fried seitan, caramelized onions, avocado and chipotle aioli

Chicken Cutlet 13

soy chicken, tomato, lettuce, avocado,and

chipotle aioli

Unchicken Caesar Wrap 13

crisp romaine, gomashio, toasted capers, soy chicken, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese 15.

tempeh bacon, red onion, tomato and garlic aioli

(does not come with choice of side)


Burrito 14

black beans, tomato, rice, lettuce, shredded cheese, chipotle salsa, sour cream, with field greens on the side -choice of seitan or tofu-

Seitan Cordon Bleu 22

with dill mashed potatoes and sauteed swiss chard

Barbecue Tempeh 19

served over horseradish crème fraiche and potato salad with roasted summer corn salad and avocado

Lasagna 18

a house specialty served with sauteed eggplant and broccoli rabe

*Creamy Citrus Gnocchi 20

potato gnocchi, snow peas, sundried tomatoes, sauteed pea shoots, truffle oil, lemon-cashew sauce

Tofu “Salmon” & Mushroom Scallops 21 beet marinated tofu with a dill leek sauce, lobster mushroom scallops, black rice, fennel, broccolini white wine mushroom reduction

*Crispy Walnut & Basil Seitan 22 walnut and basil crusted seitan cutlets in a creamy white wine sauce with roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and swiss chard, topped with grilled pineapple

* Peppercorn Medallions 22

seitan medallions with a Japanese noodle cake, morel mushrooms, grilled asparagus, topped with baby watercress

*Sweet Pea Risotto 19

Arborio rice in a sweet pea, white wine, and truffle puree with sundried tomatoes and pea shoots

*Poblano En Nogada 19

stuffed poblano pepper with a seitan, peach, raisin and apple picadillo, smothered in an almond-walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, served with cilantro-lime rice and beet marinated shiitake mushrooms

*Beet Ravioli 19

served over sauteed pea shoots in a truffle horseradish sauce, topped with micro greens

*Zucchini Pappardelle (raw) 17.

zucchini strips, almond butter sauce, diced avocado, olives, cherry tomatoes, marinated onion, oyster mushroomsand red pepper

*Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger 17

with garlic fries and mixed greens

*Vegetable Plate 20

choose 3 or 4 sides from the list below

Sides 7

French Fries Spiced Quinoa

Sweet Potato Fries Sautéed Garlic Spinach

Mashed Potatoes Grilled Asparagus

Potato Salad Sautéed Zucchini

Braised Tofu Sautéed Kale

Shiitake Mushrooms

Brown Rice & Black Beans

*only available after 5pm


Chocolate Ganache Cake 10

Mixed Berry Shortcake 11

Tiramisu 10

Cheesecake 9

Carrot Cake 10

Parfait (gluten free) 10

Smoothies/Shakes $7

(made with soy milk)

BananaBerry: blueberry, banana

Calypso: pineapple, raspberry, banana

Frappe: espresso, vanilla & chocolate ice cream

Butterfinger: our secret recipe

Creamsicle: orange juice, vanilla ice cream

Fresh Juices $7

Ginger Punch: carrot, apple, ginger

Go Green: cucumber, celery, spinach, carrot

ABC: apple, beet, carrot

Vibrancy: pineapple, ginger, lemon, apple

Appleade: apple, lemon

Tropical: orange, carrot, pineapple, apple


China Cola 4.

Organic Ginger Ale 4.

Virgil’s Root Beer 4.

Bilberry Nectar 5.50

100% Pomegranate or Cranberry Juice 3.50

Small Water: Sparkling or Still 4.

Large Water: Sparkling or Still 6.

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