Chocolate Ganache Cake 10
peanut butter center

Blossom Cheesecake 9

Parfait (gluten free) 10
layers of brandy infused peach & mango, pecan oat crumble, port infused black & blueberries, topped with vanilla cream

Affogato 7
vanilla ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso

Tiramisu 10

Carrot Cake 10

Selection of Sorbet & Ice Cream 7
3 Scoops

Dark Chocolate Fondue (for 2)   14
selection of fresh fruit, pretzels& house made cookies

SHAKES 7 (all made with soy milk)

espresso, vanilla & chocolate ice cream

orange juice, vanilla ice cream

just like the candy bar

banana, blueberries, orange juice

banana, raspberry, pineapple

available iced upon request

Café Americano 3.50

Espresso 4

Café Latte 4.50

Cappuccino 4.50

Pot of Tea 4
peppermint, chamomile, Earl Grey, jasmine green


Heaven on Earth, Sweet Wine, South Africa  9

Herzog, Late Harvest White Riesling 2009, USA  8
Coates “Red Cap Port”, Zinfandel 2005, California  11
(no added sulfites)

Tiamo, Prosecco, Italy  11 glass / 44 bottle

Biocult, Rose Secco, Italy  13 glass / 52 bottle

Fleury, Brut Carte Rouge, France   72 bottle

Sam Smith’s Fruit Ale, England (raspberry or strawberry) 13 glass


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